Re: Auckland agenda items

Chris Lilley:
> I would like to agenda+ the following:
> WOFF in SVG 2.0  
>   (yes that is a separate item from what to do about 
>    SVG fonts in SVG 2.0)
> I considered agenda+ Color management and SVG 2.0, but on balance I
> think we need more implementation experience (in SVG specifically, not
> of color management in general) and more tests, before any further
> discussion would be useful. So I think it makes sense to skip it for
> this round and come back to it at a later f2f.

Doug Schepers:
> I'm like to talk about:
> * SVG Integration
> * Parameters
> * Connectors
> * Animation
> * SVG Accessibility and ARIA
> I'd also like to talk about finishing up the Compositing spec, if
> Anthony agrees.

Thanks for those!  I will try to get them up on the agenda page later
today.  I look forward to reading the requisite topic wiki pages (hint,
nudge). :)

(Animation already has a couple of items on the agenda: one for the
harmonisation with CSS transitions/animations, and one for general SMIL
improvements and rationalisations for the future.  Do these two cover
it, or is there something else you would like to discuss?)

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Monday, 7 February 2011 20:23:35 UTC