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On Friday, January 21, 2011, 7:02:48 AM, Cameron wrote:

CM> Dimitri Glazkov is writing up use cases for the component model of XBL2:


CM> It might be worth us thinking about whether we have anything to
CM> contribute here.  It seems that XBL2 is probably going in the direction
CM> of being a part of the HTML language, but we should see how applicable
CM> it can be to SVG, too.

CM>   heycam: @dglazkov it occurs to me that us SVG folks should take a look
CM>   and contribute some use cases we had when were considering RCC/sXBL.
CM>   that ok?

CM>   dklazkov: @heycam sure thing. Just don't mention XML or namespaces. I
CM>   am highly allergic :P

So, this is only for SVG in the HTML serialisation? Or is it expected to work in the unmentionable serialisation as well?

Furthermore, the HTML parser puts HTML elements in the HTML unmentionable and puts SVG elements in terh SVG unmentionable so I hope XBL2 is going to be unmentionable aware even if the author is unmentionable omitted redacted we don't have that here, sonny.

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