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ED> Hello svg-wg,

ED> It's been a long time since the issue of the SVG mimetype was raised (see
ED> e.g the forwarded message below).
ED> What's the current status of the registration?

I spent some time in Sept-Dec 2010 getting additional review of the SVG media type registration from IETF and IESG experts. This resulted in quite a few wording changes until everyone was satisfied; there is no practical impact on implementations, just in getting correct specification wording that is consistent with both W3C and IETF usage.

Having reached agreement, W3C made a formal request to the IESG at the start of December 2010 to register this, which the IESG discussed and agreed in late December.

The official list of media types now includes image/svg+xml

The registration links to

which will update when SVG 1.1 is next published. meanwhile the approved text is in the editors draft

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