Agenda Nov 18 2010 SVG WG telcon

Hello svg-wg,

here's the agenda for the Nov 18 2010 telcon. As decided in the last  
telcon the time is Thursdays at 20.00 UTC [1]. I encourage everyone to try  
and finish the actions listed below for SVG 1.1F2 LC issues.

   1200 San Francisco
   1500 Raleigh
   2000 UTC
   2100 Stockholm
   0700 Sydney (Friday)
   0900 Auckland (Friday)


* Changes appendix in SVG 1.1F2

* Update on SVG 1.1F2 actions and issues
   These are the remaining unaddressed issues (not counting fallout from  
     ISSUE-2332 - Proposal: postpone to SVG2 as requested by commenter  
(that would close ACTION-2807)
     ISSUE-2339 - ACTION-2816 on AG
     ISSUE-2334 - ACTION-2811 on ED
     ISSUE-2335 -
     ISSUE-2338 - ACTION-2815 on PD
     ISSUE-2341 - ACTION-2818 on CL
     ISSUE-2343 - ACTION-2819 on AG
     ISSUE-2346 - no action assigned
     ISSUE-2351 - any action needed? Tav?
     ISSUE-2364 - ACTION-2834 on DS
     ISSUE-2368 - ACTION-2843 on CC
     ISSUE-2383 - ACTION-2881 on CL
     ISSUE-2384: rx/ry clamping issue - PD to report back on this

* SVG 1.1F2 testsuite
   Reviewed tests that are ready to be approved [2].

   - WOFF in tests, and other testsuite issues

* getComputedTextLength question

* clip-path contradiction

[2] Reviewed tests:  
(should be marked as issue?)

Erik Dahlstrom, Core Technology Developer, Opera Software
Co-Chair, W3C SVG Working Group
Personal blog:

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