Re: New SVG Test Cases

On Mon, 20 Sep 2010 20:35:55 +0200, Patrick Dengler <>  

> As a part of our continuing effort to contribute to the SVG Working  
> Group, we submitted the following tests to SVG 1.1 2nd Edition Test  
> Suite.
> types-dom-svgtransformable-01-f.svg
> types-dom-svgstringlist-01-f.svg
> types-dom-svgnumberlist-01-f.svg
> types-dom-svglengthlist-01-f.svgf
> types-dom-svgfittoviewbox-01-f.svg
> struct-use-15-f.svg
> struct-use-14-f.svg
> struct-cond-overview-04-f.svg
> struct-cond-overview-03-f.svg
> struct-cond-overview-02-f.svg
> pservers-pattern-06-f.svg
> pservers-pattern-05-f.svg
> pservers-pattern-04-f.svg
> pservers-grad-stops-01-f.svg
> Additionally we made fixes to the following tests based upon feedback.

Nice, I think these new tests really help the coverage. I took the liberty  
of reviewing pservers-pattern-04-f.svg, which resulted in a few changes,  
and a couple of follow-up tests (pservers-pattern-07-f.svg -  

If I could ask for a few things for future test submissions (and these are  
general guidelines, so meant for everyone):

1) Please use the testsuite template[1]
2) If binary files are checked in please make sure they get the -kb flag  
in cvs (an example here would be png files in test/images, e.g
3) For consistency please use green (lime / #00FF00) for pass, and red  
(#FF0000) for fail.
    Always show a visible indication of passing and failing.
    Avoid using red if it's not necessary for the test.



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