Clarify data types such as "<coordinate>+"

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Clarify data types such as "<coordinate>+" 

after a bit of hunting around, this archived page from the old wiki seems to describe the issue

linked from an old thread on the (member-only) old list archive
Re: Paced animation of point-list values

The value <coordinate>+, which is not defined in the types chapter but is defined inline in the text chapter, is not used for basic shapes or paths but is used for x any y attributes on text (and related <length>+ on dy and dy)

In Tiny 1.2 these were changed to <list-of-coordinates> which is a defined type in the types chapter

<coordinate>+ does not appear in the list of types that can be animated
but list-of-Ts does, and is said to be not additive (while coordinate is additive)

The corresponding definitions in 1.2T

(which has some useful clarifications after the table that might be used in 1.1 as well).

ACTION-2818 in progress

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