Re: Error in linking-a-07-t.svg

On Wed, 03 Mar 2010 13:43:38 +0100, Chris Lilley <> wrote:

> On Wednesday, March 3, 2010, 1:23:28 PM, Erik wrote:
> ED> Hello svg-wg,
> ED> I think this testcase has partially invalid pass criteria:
> ED>
> ED> I think that the leftmost blue arrow should open the link in the same
> ED> frame, not in a new window/frame/tab. I tested this in webkit,  
> mozilla and
> ED> opera and they all behaved like that.
> I agree it should.
> I remember writing that test, and it was partly an exploratory/UA test.  
> Its derived from linking-a-04-t.svg (which has three arrows), using  
> @xlink:show on the left (default, new, and replace) and comparing this  
> on the right with the same arrows which also have @target. The aim was  
> to check whether @target overrode @xlink:show (it does) and this fed  
> into spec clarifications.


> Perhaps the test would be clearer if the left and right halves were  
> split. The right half is a test for the priority of @target over  
> @xlink:show. The left half is much the same as  linking-a-04-t.svg.  
> Please check the blue arrow in linking-a-04-t.svg as well.

linking-a-04-t looked ok to me.

> We still lack a test for the other values of @target. I see that  
> linking-a-07-t.svg is empty, and volunteer to fill it in with an @target  
> test.

I'm guessing you meant

> ED> If there are no objections I will update the pass criteria for that
> ED> subtest to say:
> ED> [[ Upon clicking the left-most blue arrow, the image of the
> ED> linkingToc-t.svg
> ED> file should replace the initial view of this test case in the viewer
> ED> frame. ]]
> Yup, although if you agree about the split, that would be in  
> linking-a-04-t.svg. If not, then yes update it. But then the test  
> purpose and pass criteria need to be better explained.

I think it's fine to keep the two columns of arrows in this testcase,  
helps to illustrate the difference.

I've committed above fix now, and in the process I converted the old  
testcase description to the new format with pass criteria and operator  


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