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Minutes, SVG WG Telcon, 25 January 2010

From: Doug Schepers <schepers@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 10:56:19 -0500
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(The logging system had a hiccup... these minutes are from my IRC client 

Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
Date: 25 January 2010

scribenick: shepazu
chair: ed
Present: ChrisL, ed, patrick_dengler, shepazu
topic: Joint WG Meeting
DS: heard back from some of CSS WG... some support, but concern that not 
all CSS WG members could attend
... suggested that we collocate with CSS WG F2F: 29-31 March 2010
ChrisL: so, they would give over part of their meeting time?
DS: that's the idea
DS: would those dates work for folks?
all: no problem
DS: proposal: SVG F2F, 30 March meet with WebApps/HTML, 31 March meet 
with CSS WG, 1-2 April hold DOM API summit/workshop
Resolution: approach CSS WG with these dates
action: shepazu to plan workshop and communicate with CSS WG about F2F
trackbot: Created ACTION-2714 - Plan workshop and communicate with CSS 
WG about F2F [on Doug Schepers - due 2010-02-01].

Topic: SVG 1.1 2nd ed
DS summarizes the clip-path/pointer-event clarification
Resolution: we will use the rationale in Doug's email for 
ChrisL: are we still updating errata?
ed: not any longer
ChrisL: the 2nd edition will start over with new errata
... including ones we are still working on
ed: we'll probably have to move over some of the older ones
patrick_dengler: are you trying to close down SVG 1.1 2nd edition?
ChrisL: yes, we want the official recommendation out now
patrick_dengler: risk/benefit analysis... is it obvious that people 
should be reading the errata?
patrick_dengler: as I look more deeply at the spec, we find more 
... isn't this going to harm interop?
ChrisL: we can continually work on new editions
patrick_dengler: understood... we'd like to keep providing feedback
ed: it may be easier to clarify wording in a new spec
ChrisL: the implementation support on the wiki helps show interop
   ChrisL: shows interop and has links to the tests for the errata
DS: Summary is that we should be focussing on SVG 2.0 and make 
clarifications to the 2.0 spec instead of keeping the SVG 1.1 2nd 
edition open
DS: I guess we'll need new tests for the pointer-event/clip-path errata
ed: we've made more progress on passing tests in Opera
ChrisL: we have a couple of blanks in the impl report due to recently 
added tests, and it should be run on a mac
DS: I can probably do that

Topic: test suite
patrick_dengler: the SVG test harness has a self-closing <object/>, 
which isn't allowed in HTML4/5
ChrisL: we can easily fix that
   ed: just checked the old testsuite harness, it's also using 
selfclosing object-tags
action: anthony to update test harness to add closing </object> tag
trackbot: Created ACTION-2715 - Update test harness to add closing 
</object> tag [on Anthony Grasso - due 2010-02-01].

Topic: xlink:href
DS: I'm proposing we put this into spec form right away for implementers
ed: I'm concerned about the implications for the DOM
ChrisL: it's not just a case of syntax...
ed: we'd still need to support xlink:href for back-compat
... getters and setters would be a challenge, not sure how much
... pretty easy to remap .href
DS: which has precedence?
ChrisL: author should use the same value for both if they use both 
@xlink:href and @src
ed: easy to write a script or XSLT stylesheet to do that
DS: should talk about what is done when document is reserialized
DS: we should talk to tool vendors as well
action: shepazu to contact Leonard Rosenthal about communicating with 
the Illustrator team
trackbot: Created ACTION-2716 - Contact Leonard Rosenthal about 
communicating with the Illustrator team [on Doug Schepers - due 2010-02-01].
action: shepazu to write up spec text for xlink:href with Erik
trackbot: Created ACTION-2717 - Write up spec text for xlink:href with 
Erik [on Doug Schepers - due 2010-02-01].

Topic: CSS Styling Attributes Level 1 spec
ed: I'd like to ask them about unitless values for properties defined by SVG
patrick_dengler: I'm worried about what designers will expect
ed: with styles in SVG-in-HTML, if quirksmode is on then units on css 
vals are not required i think
patrick_dengler: are we going to ask them to loosen the rules about unit 
ed: I think so, at least for new SVG property values
patrick_dengler: I'm just interested in interop
patrick_dengler: there is a lot of content out there that doesn't have units
ChrisL: that's one issue, but then there's also of the issue of 
properties where there are no units by design
action: ChrisL to write wording about unitless property values for CSS 
Styling Attributes Level 1 spec
trackbot: Created ACTION-2718 - Write wording about unitless property 
values for CSS Styling Attributes Level 1 spec [on Chris Lilley - due 

Topic: transparency and pointer-events
DS: opacity doesn't change pointer-events... not even the alpha channel 
of PNGs
action: ed to make examples of transparent SVG+HTML with and without opacity
trackbot: Created ACTION-2719 - Make examples of transparent SVG+HTML 
with and without opacity [on Erik Dahlström - due 2010-02-01].
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