Fwd: Last call for css-style-attr


See below the email from Bert about the LC of the CSS Styling Attributes 
Level 1 spec.

We should review this before 9 February, since it explicitly defines 
behavior for CSS in SVG's @style.  It's very short... I read through it, 
and didn't see anything to comment on, but there may be some subtlety I 

It doesn't talk about properties per se, thus says nothing about 
properties defined in SVG vs. CSS.  Should we mention our thoughts about 
whether or not units must be required for SVG-defined properties?


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Subject: Last call for css-style-attr
Resent-Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 22:23:39 +0000
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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 23:23:06 +0100
From: Bert Bos <bert@w3.org>
To: chairs@w3.org

The CSS WG published a new working draft for "CSS Styling Attributes
Level 1" (previously known as "Syntax of CSS rules in HTML's 'style'
attribute"), which contains a last call for comments.


>From the abstract:

     Markup languages such as HTML [HTML40] and SVG [SVG11] provide
     a styling attribute on most elements, to hold a fragment of a style
     sheet that applies to those elements. One of the possible style
     sheet languages is CSS. This draft describes the syntax and
     interpretation of the CSS fragment that can be used in such styling

We didn't ask you beforehand if the (short) review period, until
February 9, was a problem for anybody: sorry about that. If your group
needs more time, please let us know.

But the review shouldn't be difficult. The draft just repeats, in a more
convenient form, what HTML defines since twelve years. The history and
raison-d'ĂȘtre of this draft is as follows:

Originally, only HTML had a STYLE attribute and the HTML specification
defined its syntax. (And HTML4 is still the current official reference
for that attribute.) When the HTML WG started XHTML1, it decided that
the syntax and meaning of that attribute, when it contained CSS, was a
matter for the CSS WG, not the HTML WG, and thus the CSS WG started a
working draft. (Some ideas for enhancements that floated around at the
time were also added to that draft. They never became popular and are no
longer there.) XHTML1 was finished before this WD, however, and the WD
became a low-priority item for several years. That ended when the new
HTML WG, now working on HTML5, renewed the request to have a document to

This time we plan to finish the specification before the HTML WG
finishes its. That shouldn't be difficult: there are no doubt hundreds
of implementations of this specification already. :-)

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