Cross-Technology Meetings for Engineering the Open Web

Hi, SVGers-

Philippe, Fantasai, and I were thinking of scheduling some informal 
meetings between CSS, HTML, SVG, and WebApps members in the Bay Area in 
early April, to discuss cross-WG topics.  We're currently looking at 
April 5th and 6th, and we wanted to know if any SVG WG members would be 
available to attend.  So far, several of the CSS WG members have 
expressed interest.

This would be collocated with the SVG DOM API Summit, which I'm planning 
for April 7-8, the days after the meetings.  The FXTF would be one of 
the topics, as would DOM APIs and SVG+HTML integration... all important 
topics.  The next chance to talk won't be until the fall Tech Plenary, 
so I think this would be a good opportunity.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

Received on Saturday, 23 January 2010 05:38:45 UTC