[Draft] Proposal for CSS-SVG Joint Task Force

Hi, Erik-

As discussed, here is the draft of the proposal to the CSS WG to work 
together on some deliverables in a TF.


Dear CSS WG-

Through recent discussions with the CSS WG, it has become clear that the 
groups have shared interests in a number of topics, including animation, 
transforms, layout, adaptive content, and many other areas.  IT is in 
the mutual interest of our technologies, our implementers, and most 
importantly our users, that the technologies be as compatible as 
possible, reusing the same underlying models and mechanisms even where 
there are differences in syntax.  These technologies should ork well for 
both CSS/HTML and SVG, for ease and consistency of implementation, and 
to share test suites.

Here are a few features/specs the SVG WG has identified as relevant in 
this respect:
* gradients and other paint servers
* filters, including canned filter effects
* transformations, including 2D and 2.5D (pseudo-3D)
* animation (though not necessarily Transitions)
* parameters
* advanced text layout (along with XSL-FO WG?)
** wrapping text to a shape (optical kerning)
** sizing shapes to fit text
** vertical text
* content layout
** adapting CSS flexible boxes to provide positioning and sizing for SVG 
** extending calc() (or something similar) to provide general one-way 
constraints for
element attributes and properties

To ensure a clear and speedy channel for communication, the SVG WG 
proposes that we form a joint Task Force between the CSS and SVG WGs, 
tentatively called the Effects Task Force, and that we use the 
public-fx@w3.org mailing list to coordinate.  The deliverables of this 
TF would be specifications that apply to both CSS and SVG, with the 
details negotiable, but with an emphasis on rapid development.  The SVG 
WG holds 2 telcons per week, Monday and Thursday; we propose that some 
portion of the Thursday telcon be dedicated to the discussion of the 
Effects TF deliverables, as needed.

Naturally, not all members of the CSS WG will be interested in all these 
topics, and many will have time constraints that prevent them from 
attending more telcons, so participation by individuals in the Effects 
Task Force will be optional; we encourage all those interested to join 
if if they cannot be active, however.

If the CSS WG agrees, we will draft a charter for the Task Force.  W3C 
process requires only that the relevant specifications are listed in the 
charters of the participating groups; as long as the chairs of the 
groups agree to the TF, there is no need for AC or W3M approval.

We look forward to your reply, and to future coordination on these matters.

-the SVG WG

Received on Thursday, 7 January 2010 20:09:02 UTC