Re: ISSUE-2259 (inconsistent-uri-type): Inconsistent use of <uri> symbol [SVG Full 1.1]

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SWGIT> ISSUE-2259 (inconsistent-uri-type): Inconsistent use of <uri> symbol [SVG Full 1.1]


SWGIT> Raised by: Cameron McCormack
SWGIT> On product: SVG Full 1.1

SWGIT> In SVG 1.1, the <uri> grammar symbol is used in two
SWGIT> inconsistent ways.  It used as the value of the xlink:href=""
SWGIT> attribute, for example, where the attribute is meant to contain
SWGIT> just the bare URI.  It is also used in the grammar for various
SWGIT> properties, such as 'clip-path', where it really needs to have "url(" ")" around it.

We fixed that in SVGT 1.2 by having two separate productions:


    Functional notation for an IRI: "url(" <IRI> ")".


    An Internationalized Resource Identifier (see IRI). For the specification of IRI references in SVG, see IRI references.

SWGIT> Either the property definitions need to be updated to include
SWGIT> the "url(" ")" parts explicitly, or <uri> needs to be split
SWGIT> into two grammar symbols: one with "url(" ")" and one without.

Prefer the latter as that is what we did for 1.2T

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