Re: Reviewing a chapter

Hi everyone,

A delayed reply, may sound a bit confusing as the thread was created
after last call (a few weeks ago) but here goes...

(Rob Russel)
>> Per today's [better read as "last" as this is already a bit delayed] call
>> I'm volunteering to review Chapter V - Dynamic SVG
>> and JavaScript. I haven't looked at it in a lot of detail but I'll
>> give it my best shot and send along whatever comments I have. Is
>> there anything in particular that I should be watching for or
>> including in my comments?

(G. Wade)
> I'll review chapter II, if no one else has taken it.

I'm trying to review the whole text, but mostly focused on quality
(small stuff such as typos, visual formatting issues and such).
Currently I'm somewhere in the middle of chapter IV...

Are there any updates on the way feedback can be sent? That is:
 * Is the current URL [1] backed up by CVS/SVN or some other type of
control version?
 * Can/should HTML-based patches be sent against this URL? Or is there
a better format and/or URL to send them against?
 * Should any feedback be made into this mailing list or directly to
someone (David or Doug, I'd guess)?

(G. Wade)
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Can I use these (awesomely cool) quotes, G. Wade? ;-)



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