Re: SVG A11y Task Force

Rich Schwerdtfeger <> wrote:
> Regarding changes needed due to the SVG working group, are any needed?
Depends what you mean by that.

There is no SVG WG currently. The WG's charter extension expired at the end
of January, without any agreement on a replacement, and I don't know if
anyone has been assigned as a staff contact to replace Doug.

For our specs: The changes needed to sync the SVG-AAM with the SVG 2 CR are
in the Editor's Draft from August (  Note that even though
the working draft of SVG-AAM has a later date, it is an earlier version; we
had too many delays getting it published last summer.

I'm sorry, I should have made more of an effort to get that published as an
updated WD in the fall. I'm not sure the process for getting it published

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