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                               - DRAFT -

              SVG Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
                              13 Sep 2016

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          shepazu, fesch, Chaals, Brian, LJWatson, Rich




     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]NEWS
         2. [5]News from SVG WG
         3. [6]News from ARIA
         4. [7]Publication Status
         5. [8]Testing
     * [9]Summary of Action Items
     * [10]Summary of Resolutions

   <fesch> agenda


   <scribe> SCRIBE: Brian


   shepazu: the current SVG charter expires in November. If we
   aren't changing the deliverables, normally we'd ask for an
   ... as we'll need a 6-8 month extension, we will be asking for
   a new charter





   shepazu: We had a single SVG2 A11y API mapping spec listed in
   the current SVG WG Charter
   ... this has since evolved into the Graphics Module and the
   ... This hasn't been formerly reviewed, and is still subject to
   review by management and members

   LJWatson: +1 for updating authoring guidance to go from
   accessibility specific to general authoring guidance

   shepazu: I would like to spend a session discussing the
   authoring guidelines and what other opportunities we have with
   this document

   fesch: There was a good discusison of the figure roles on-list

   <chaals> [+1 for authoring guidance in general]

   richardschwerdtfeger: There is a graphics AAM, there are three

   shepazu: what are the three specs?



   <LJWatson> +1 to a Graphics WG for SVG, Canvas etc.

   shepazu: Personal goal in reorganization is to form a graphics
   working group with SVG, Canvas and some augmented reality

   fesch: is WebGL a W3C thing?

   shepazu: no, it's a Chronos thing. There is a virtual reality
   W3C workshop coming up, and there might be some work coming
   form that. If 6 months from now if we decide to create a
   graphics WG, we can supercede the charter

News from SVG WG

   shepazu: I have been told that we will likely be publishing
   SVG2 as a candidate rec on Thursday
   ... there may still be some deal killers, but we don't think
   there will be

News from ARIA

   richardschwerdtfeger: we're writing test harness stuff and
   hearding browser cats

   LJWatson: what's the timeline for 1.1?

   richardschwerdtfeger: We're looking at Q1 or Q2 next year
   ... we are getting support from AT vendors. Aria-current went
   in a while ago. Error message support got locked down. We're
   working on the API mappings for grids, it's coming.

Publication Status

   fesch: weren't heartbeats going to be published this week?

   richardschwerdtfeger: Looks like it's all there


   fesch: Testing is quite active. People are starting to get
   concerned about how hte JSON is formatted and how everything
   will go together.
   ... I put out the perl script, so it's out there. I checked the
   parsing, so the output from both SVG and ARIA 1.1 wiki both
   parse as JSON, no bugs.
   ... The shapes of the wikis, more in ARIA 1.1, not having stuff
   appear was one big issue, how to represent that.
   ... I updated our wiki pages to have the stuff updated. I
   noticed some changes and notified Joanie about what layout test
   might be affected
   ... on Wednesday, late in the day, I think 6PM, there is an
   ARAI 1.1 testing meeting about when all this stuff comes out
   ... any other questions or comments about testing? Or any other

   RRSAgent: make minutes

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Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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