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Hi, folks–

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Of particular interest to the SVG-A11y TF in this charter:

* we have added the WAI-ARIA Graphics Module and SVG Accessibility API 
Mappings specs as explicit deliverables (the current charter lists a 
generic "SVG2 accessibility API mapping" spec which was refined and 
split into the current 2 specs)

* we have changed the "SVG2 accessible authoring guidelines" spec to the 
more broadly-scoped "SVG Authoring Guidelines", which covers 
accessibility in the context of general SVG authoring

* we dropped several specifications that were not actively developed, 
but we retained the SVG Connectors spec, which has accessibility and 
navigation considerations.

* we didn't add a new deliverable for SVG ARIA dataviz vocabulary, but 
we could add that to the next charter if we make progress on it

We're happy to talk more about this charter, maybe on the next telcon.


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Hi, folks–

The current SVG WG charter [1] expires in October. A W3C Working Group's 
charter defines what specifications and other deliverables are planned 
and in scope for the group, and a rough expectation of priorities and 

We've made substantial progress on SVG 2 and plan to move to Candidate 
Recommendation status this week, but there's still more work to do to 
get to Recommendation status, including a complete test suite and 
multiple implementations.

So, we have started on a new SVG WG charter [2], which I invite you to 
read and comment on. This charter is intended specifically to drive SVG 
2 to completion.

We've dropped a few deliverables that weren't making progress, and this 
short-term charter doesn't include new features for the core SVG spec; 
new feature requests can still be made in our issue tracker or this 
mailing list, but they are out of scope for this charter, and will have 
to be deferred to the next charter period, post-SVG2.

Note that this charter has not undergone any formal review, so it is 
still subject to change.

Incidentally, this new charter was trimmed down in general and uses 
W3C's new charter template to make it easier to read and understand. 
Notably, this includes a complete history of the SVG WG charters [3] and 
notes on significant changes, which may be of interest to some (it was 
interesting for me to took back on the group's efforts through the 
years, and see priorities change… and makes me want to be better about 
finishing things more quickly!).

SVG 2 was a substantial rewrite of the specification. For future work, 
the SVG WG wants to make much faster progress between revisions of the 
spec, and we've laid the groundwork for that in SVG 2. We hope to make 
smaller and more manageable changes and improvements, and to release a 
new version of SVG roughly every 12-18 months.

[1] https://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/2014/new-charter
[2] https://w3c.github.io/charter-drafts/svg-2016.html
[3] https://w3c.github.io/charter-drafts/svg-2016.html#history


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