Re: Testing TODOs

For the filter elements, the expected results should always be the same
(not exposed). So hopefully it's fairly straightforward to modify the
tests.  I'd say it's still useful to have them, if they are going to be
part of an automatic testing suite. If it's going to be manual testing
and/or otherwise slow, they could be left out.

For the HTML-namespaced elements, we'd want to coordinate with the HTML
testing suite. Make sure we're testing the same things, but in the SVG
context.  If they are using a compatible test format, maybe it would be
possible to create a script that grabbed that extracts the relevant part
from their test and inserts it in an SVG document?

SVG <view> has special rules, and is going to be more complicated.  It
might require a more complicated testing structure: you need to test what
happens when the URL target fragment changes.  The accesssible
name/description of the parent SVG is supposed to change for test.svg
versus test.svg#view-element-id (see  Ask me if
you have any questions about what should happen.

<set> is an SVG animation element. Not directly exposed, so that's easy to
test.  But if you are animating visibility or display of another element,
or any of the ARIA attributes, that should affect whether and how that
other element is exposed (see We
don't yet have any tests for that.


On 25 October 2016 at 19:23, <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I would like to work through the testable statement TODOs on list. ARIA
> testing is ready for our completed set of testable statements.
> 1. Is anyone willing to create testable statements for the remaining
> filter elements (we already have tests for some filter elements).
> 2. Do folks think it is
>  a) necessary
>  b) desirable
> to have tests for the filter elements in the TODO list?
> 3. Is anyone willing to make testable statements for the missing
> (non-filter) elements?
> 4. Which (non-filter) elements on the TODO are critical for testing?
> 5. I haven't seen SVG with some of the elements in them (i.e. canvas,
> iframe) if folks can point me to an SVG file, example... for them (i.e.
> canvas, iframe) and you think it is important for testing I will make the
> testable statement for them.
> TODOs in wiki page with tables for ATTA.
> SVG_Accessibility/Testing/Test_Assertions_with_Tables_
> for_ATTA#Testable_statements_for_description_calculation
> canvas
> iframe
> script
> set
> switch
> track
> view
> *filter parts*
> feBlend
> feColorMatrix
> feComponentTransfer
> feConvolveMatrix
> feDiffuseLighting
> feDistantLight
> feDropShadow
> feFlood
> feFuncA
> feFuncB
> feFuncG
> feFuncR
> feImage
> feMorphology
> feSpotLight
> feTile
> feTurbulence
> ‚Äčnote we have tests for some filter parts.‚Äč
> --
> Regards,
> Fred Esch
> Regards,
> Fred

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