Expectations regarding aria-hidden="true" + a valid aria-label value?

Hey all.

I am looking into failures encountered when my ATTA is used with the SVG
testable statements found here: [1].

My recollection of the consensus reached was that the presence of a
valid aria-label value necessitated inclusion in the accessibility tree
-- even if the element with that aria-label also had aria-hidden="true"
or was contained in an ancestor with aria-hidden="true". However, that
seems to contradict the expectations in a significant number of tests on
the aforementioned testable statements page.

Could someone please clarify if my recollection is wrong or if the
testable statements are? If it is the former, then I have an
implementation to fix, but if it is the latter, it would be great to
have the testable statements wiki corrected.



Received on Tuesday, 15 November 2016 17:23:38 UTC