Re: SVG Authoring Guide

Hey, folks–

I've updated the SVG Authoring Guide. I've integrated the tip about 
using SVG in HTML, in particular about using <object>, per Amelia and Nikos.

(Amelia, would you like to be listed as an editor?)

I appreciate any feedback.



On 5/11/16 11:37 AM, Doug Schepers wrote:
> Hi, folks–
> I'm sorry that this is so late, but I just posted the first draft of my
> proposed SVG Authoring Guide to the SVG WG Github repo [1][2]. I hope
> some of you have a chance to review it before today's telcon; otherwise,
> let's discuss it in 2 weeks (I'm gone next week).
> I wrote the entire document today, Tuesday 10 May, so it's very sketchy
> and incomplete; I didn't have time to integrate anything from Chaals'
> document, though that was originally my intent; nor did I cover
> everything in my own notes. Pull requests very welcome.
> You'll see that I tried to approach this as a true SVG authoring guide,
> with the topic of SVG accessibility integrated into general principles,
> and emphasized through supplemental notes. I hope that this approach
> appeals to a broader audience than an SVG accessibility authoring guide
> would. Let me know what you think.
> Please note that the active branch for this spec is the gh-pages branch,
> rather than the master branch used by most other SVG WG documents, so
> any PRs for svg-authoring should be made to gh-pages.
> I'll try to keep adding to this, based on concrete material I have in my
> notes. I also think it could be productive to ask on Twitter for other
> key authoring tips that we could include (and for feedback on the tips
> and techniques I've already written).
> I'm sure that both Amelia and Chaals have other suggestions for new
> topic areas and refinements of existing topics, and after I get feedback
> from the SVG-A11y TF, I'll be seeking help from the SVG WG in general.
> [1]
> [2]
> Regards–
> Doug

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