[SVG-AAM] edits

Hello all,

I've completed the promised edits to the SVG Accessibility API Mappings

There's a bulleted list of all changes (as well as links to the "Files
changed" code diff) on the Github pull request page:

I did not, in the end, incorporate a single, detailed summary of the name
and description computation, as I had promised Chaals.  Once I really took
a careful look at it again, I winced.  Copying over the existing text from
the AccName spec would not add any clarity.  I started to write a
plain-language interpretation of it, but then decided that what really
needs to be done is to edit the original so that in can be understood
without translation.

I may approach Joseph Scheuhammer and the other editors of that spec about
re-writing that section completely.  But that won't happen this week.

Until my changes get merged into the main repo, you can view the compiled
text on rawgit: http://rawgit.com/AmeliaBR/aria/svg-aam/svg-aam/svg-aam.html

Please in particular look at the text of the Editor's Notes, which describe
the outstanding issues that we are asking for particular feedback on.  For
screen reader users, these always start with a level-3 heading with the
text "Editor's Note"; for visual users, they are the orange boxes.


On 21 October 2015 at 13:11, Amelia Bellamy-Royds <
amelia.bellamy.royds@gmail.com> wrote:

> Chaals,
> The <use> example is a good one (where you would want both specific and
> generic descriptions available).  As I interpret it currently, the
> algorithm would only return one or the other, unless you explicitly use a
> labelled-by or described-by value with multiple IDs.
> I will make the edits to include a single, complete version of the
> algorithm and I will try to clarify the summary to match.  However, we may
> want to then discuss this on a teleconference to make sure that the
> approach we're recommending is the one we want!
> Amelia

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