Agenda: June 26, 2015 SVG A11y Task Force Meeting (resending)

Agenda: June 26, 2015 SVG A11y Task Force Meeting

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meeting Meeting number: 645 955 799
Meeting password: svg

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IRC channel: #svg-a11y


- Next meeting July 10 due to the 4th of July holiday
- Discuss Current Roles
  - Comment: Don't need an img role - Rich (if need to add something to the
ARIA spec. let's define the ask)
  - Comment: Defintions seem to overlap - Rich
- Alignment with SVG2 (Going to CR Q116)
   - Are people on board with publishing rec. track documents that are more
limited in scope more frequently?
   - SVG Connector Spec. (Will this released with SVG2)? (Need to deal with
native host language semantics and A11y API mappings)
   - Do we try and define a new navigation model now or wait until post
   - Taxonomy
      - Should try to align with SVG2 and focus on base semantics plus

- Open actions (if have time)
  - (Rich, Leone, Jason

General: If you read
and find editorial bugs, please email them to Fred. Doc was copied from
dpub, so you may find sections that have not been updated yet.

- ARIA Graphics Module:
- ARIA 1.1:
- SVG A11y Wiki:
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