RE: Comments on SVG Accessibility Mappings -- Language and Scope

Rich Schwerdtfeger

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> Subject: RE: Comments on SVG Accessibility Mappings -- Language and Scope
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> >From: Amelia Bellamy-Royds []
> >Since the approach of the SVG working group is that SVG won't have
> >versioning, and new SVG features should be backwards-compatible, I don't
> >think the SVG Accessibility doc should have separate rules for SVG 2 vs
> >1.1.  However, since the SVG 2 text hasn't been finalized, we don't want
> >explicitly repeat rules that might become outdated.
> Not for the first public working draft, but I would hope the SVG
> accessibility API mapping specification (now on a Recommendation
> track) would be on a time-line synchronized with that of the SVG 2
> specification. In that case, we should be able to include all
> necessary features to support SVG 2 fully.
> >
> >Instead, perhaps include a more general statement that, if there are
> >than one `<title>` or `<desc>` elements, the accessible name/description
> >computations will use choose one according to the rules defined in the
> >specifications.  For the working drafts, you could add an Editor's
> Note pointing
> >to both the SVG 1.1 section and the draft SVG 2 section.
> That seems reasonable to me, although developers might well prefer
> all the rules to be in the one document for testing and
> implementation purposes.
> If the publication schedules are aligned (accessibility API mappings
> and SVG 2), then this shouldn't present a problem.
I am hoping the 2 specs. would be in synch. I also hope the SVG working
group makes a decision on animation. I would like to know what is in and
what is out.

At this point I would have to instruct IBM product teams to not use the
built in animation features of SVG because U.S. Federal is all IE.

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