strawman with legend fix


I've attached a fixed version of the taxonomy-IBM strawman. The version
Doug emailed had some legend labels truncated and this one has the labels

If you compare the taxonomy Doug and I did, you will see Doug dives into
specifics which is a nest of worms to work through.  I think we should
avoid diving down and rather spend our time identifying the concepts of
graphics which need to be relayed to a blind user. I believe the twenty or
so items cover the concepts we need covered. We can always add more if we
find them. Once we feel comfortable that we have a workable set of concepts
we can worry about how they should be grouped which primitives they cover
and which primitives can be safely ignored.

Later we can worry about navigation/presentation order.  When I did RAVE's
accessibility I used the guidance from NCAM which is - title, axes, legend,
data, references. But this all can come later.  For tomorrows meeting we
will see Doug's demo and start discussing taxonomy.

(See attached file: taxonomy-IBM.html)
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