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>> - what identifier does arq intend to us in the service description to indicate its support
>> - as a matter of interoperability, is the elided graph case in the “complete form” example really in instance of the grammar which appears later in the document? given the example, this reader would have expected a production of the form
>>    ( 'GRAPH’ )? VarOrIri '{' TriplesTemplate? ‘}’
> i.e. "TriG-with-variables", rather than SPARQL Update quad blocks.
>> - which end does the elision serve?
> Thank you to Google for funding the work of Qihong Lin.
> Getting the project finished in time matters. GSoC projects are fixed length.
> It is also desirable for it to be a simple extension for everyone but it is not incremental to add and remain LL(1) AKA easy parsing (it's 3 separate additional local LL(2) changes I think); obviously it is possible to do convert LL(2) to LL(1) but it needs rewriting all the template rules, making it not a just local change in one rule.

in the interest of a minimal change, the most direct path would be a single-line modification.
replace the existing

    [73] ConstructTemplate ::=  '{' ConstructTriples? ‘}’


    [73] ConstructTemplate ::=  '{‘ Quads? ‘}’

which reiterates the quad pattern from the insert syntax.

so far, "TriG-with-variables" does not convince that it would be worth the effort.

specify the service description feature and you have something to target.

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