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SPARQL FAQ Lee Feigenbaum (Friday, 29 September)

Simple HTML/Javascript-based editor Danny Ayers (Thursday, 28 September)

language code and regex Denis Gaertner (Sunday, 17 September)

character escaping Denis Gaertner (Wednesday, 13 September)

SPARQL, named graphs and default graph Nuutti Kotivuori (Monday, 11 September)

Collations Denis Gaertner (Monday, 11 September)

ANN: D2R Server V0.3 - Publishing relational databases on the Semantic Web Chris Bizer (Tuesday, 5 September)

Set algebra using only RDF+HTTP (plus a teeny bit of SPARQL) Danny Ayers (Thursday, 31 August)

Assigning values to variables Luke Steller (Wednesday, 23 August)

DLDB looks like another interesting approach to RdfAndSql Dan Connolly (Friday, 11 August)

Re: Suggestion to introduce baseURI property into D2RQ Chris Bizer (Thursday, 10 August)

publications about FILTER expressions Olaf Hartig (Tuesday, 18 July)

Difference operator in SPARQL Andrew Newman (Sunday, 9 July)

SparqlTimeline Danny Ayers (Sunday, 9 July)

Re: SPARQL: Exclude nodes which match a certain criteria Seaborne, Andy (Sunday, 2 July)

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