Re: Solid CG Chair Election 2023: Chair Self-Nominations

On 11/28/23 3:55 AM, Virginia Balseiro wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am Virginia Balseiro (she/her). My WebID: 
> .
> I am an independent contributor in the Solid CG, and this is my 
> self-nomination statement for the Solid CG chair election.
> I am a web developer, former teacher, and ethical vegan.
> I have been actively participating in the Solid CG and the wider Solid 
> community since 2020.
> My motivation to becoming one of the co-chairs is rooted in a deep 
> commitment to fostering a healthy and collaborative work environment 
> within the Solid CG. As chair, I will continue to advocate for 
> initiatives that improve diversity and inclusion, and facilitate 
> effective communication and collaboration among members.
> As part of my efforts, I will focus on making sure the group's agenda 
> reflects our priorities, while continuing to promote accountability, 
> and emphasizing the importance of transparency, in order to enable 
> group members to be productive and effective.
> I recognize the delicate balance required in navigating conflicts of 
> interest, and I am committed to upholding the principles of fairness, 
> transparency, and accountability. I understand that the role of a 
> chair is a service to the CG, and not that of a power or control. I 
> trust the collective expertise of the participants and have no stake 
> in a particular solution. My priority is to enable my colleagues to do 
> their best work in a positive and collaborative environment, as well 
> as fostering a sense of collective ownership over decision-making 
> processes.
> Below I summarize some of my existing contributions to the Solid CG 
> and the Solid community at large, which should help illustrate my 
> commitment to the community and the CG.
> I am a co-editor of the Solid WebID Profile [1] specification, and I 
> contribute to the Solid CG weekly meetings in various tasks, such as 
> scribing and moderating. I have developed a strong familiarity with 
> the Solid CG charter, and Group's processes.
> I have contributed to the development of the Solid CG charter [2][3] 
> through reviews and CG meetings.
> I have contributed to re-writing the Solid CoC to be aligned with the 
> battle tested Contributor Covenant, making the necessary adaptations 
> to fit our comunity's unique needs.
> I have been contributing to these chair elections as a volunteer. I 
> have written the original election code that uses the node-w3capi [4], 
> and have worked on the the election procedure with the other volunteers.
> A well-functioning group relies on solid data instead of rhetoric or 
> perceptions. To that end, I've taken the initiative to build the 
> foundations for the Solid Ecosystem Monitor [5] which processes CG's 
> minutes, and outputs data with diagrams, which is used by the CG and 
> aids us in making data-driven decisions.
> [1] [2] 
> [3] 
> [4] 
> [5]
> As a Solid developer, I understand the intricacies and complexities 
> that a newcomer might face when learning the technology. My 
> involvement extends beyond personal projects, and I actively 
> contribute to the developer community by assisting them in Solid chats 
> [6].
> Additionally, I have undertaken the task of creating a Solid tutorial 
> [7], aiming to provide a comprehensive resource for individuals 
> looking to delve into development of Solid applications.
> Furthermore, I have channeled my experiences into creating an 
> informative article [8] aiming to help individuals increase the 
> quality and impact of their feedback of others' work, with the aim of 
> promoting better communication and promote positive collaboration.
> [6] [7] 
> [8] 
> I have founded, organized, and moderated three developer communities 
> (Junior Devs, Women of Solid, and Hamburg Tech Meetup), one of which 
> had over 600 members [9], hosting meetups both in person and online, 
> among other activities, such as collaborative open source projects.
> [9]
> I participate in the W3C Positive Work Environment CG [10], from which 
> I have incorporated valuable lessons that I have integrated into my 
> contributions to the Solid CG, such as training in running effective 
> meetings, and guidelines.
> I am a member of the Solid Code of Conduct Committee [11] since its 
> inception in 2022.
> [10] [11] 
> To help promoted diversity and inclusion of voices from different 
> backgrounds, I have founded the Women of Solid [12] group in 2021. It 
> has 36 members, and some of its activities include meetups, featuring 
> presentations on various topics around Solid.
> [12]
> I have contributed to the first Solid Community Survey [13] by writing 
> the code for the data visualizations, as part of my activities as a 
> member of the Diversity and Inclusion Team (DEIT).
> [13]
> I am a member of the Solid Team [14], and gave taken on various roles 
> in meetings, including moderator and scribe in both the Solid CG and 
> Solid Team meetings.
> I have played a part in developing a collaborative work environment by 
> aiding colleagues in resolving disputes.
> I have taken charge of creating agenda, prioritizing topics, and 
> following up on issues. Additionally, I emphasize the importance of 
> promoting accountability and transparency within the team, striving to 
> enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of our collective 
> efforts.
> [14]
> I am looking forward to the possibility to continue to serve the CG as 
> one of the chairs, and hope that you'll vote for me favourably.
> Virginia Balseiro (she/her)

Hi Virginia,

Wow! You've put in a lot of demonstrable effort into the Solid effort, 
on many fronts!

You are certainly qualified for the position at hand :)


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