Re: [news] EU funds SiMPL open source components including Solid

st 8. 11. 2023 v 12:21 odesílatel Michiel de Jong <>

> Hi all,
> Just wanted to share the great news here with you too
> Basically, with their SiMPL program, the EU is spending 150 million euros
> on open source software development for data spaces over the coming years.
> Just to emphasize that this is a lot of money, if you translate that to the
> average engineer salary in Europe, that's about *3* *millennia worth *of
> EU-funded working days. :)

To what extent will open source contributors to such projects (e.g. Solid)
be liable for security issues resulting from this funding, under the Cyber
Resilience Act?

> A lot of the resulting components will have other roles (certificate-based
> service discovery registries, bringing computation to the data, access
> control vocabularies, etc etc etc) but they will all be open source, and
> all related to bringing cross-cutting interoperability, reusable server
> components and connections across what the EU calls "data spaces".
> I'm not an expert in the dynamics of the tendering, but as I understand
> it, two framework agreements have now been awarded, one of them being the
> InfrateX consortium whose press release I just linked to (please add any
> press release from the other awarded consortium if you have it; I haven't
> seen it yet). As you can see, the Ponder Source Foundation (my employer),
> is one of the consortium partners which I of course think is super cool,
> and we're equally excited that SolidLab/imec is there too!
> Both My Data and Solid are quoted in the bottom row of logos as "data
> space support organizations" for which our consortium will be building open
> source software over the coming years, and I'm hoping the other consortium
> will contribute to Solid too.
> Please send me a direct email if you have any more info or questions about
> the role of Solid in SiMPL, or if you are attending the Gaia-X Summit in
> Alicante tomorrow/Friday. I'll be there, representing my employer but
> handing out some "Solid Project" laptop stickers to spread the gospel of
> course. :)
> Cheers,
> Michiel de Jong
> Director
> Ponder Source Foundation

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