HTML as the visible part of the Web [Was: files or database for solid pods]


Le Wed, Nov 01, 2023 at 09:20:37AM -0700, Kurt Cagle a écrit :
> Also, the HTML web is not the Linked Data web. If you assume that you can
> create a very simplified graph by following <A href> links in web
> documents, then you could make the argument that the HTML web is in fact a
> subgraph of the Linked Data space.


That's something I keep repeating when I train people to the (semantic) web.

1. There is only one Web to link all the URLs

2. Part of the data on the Web is HTML documents, but that's only the
   tip of the iceberg

One thing I think we need is the browser to be able to display the
part of the iceberg that's underwater.

Here is one attempt
and here is another one (yes, it
needs work)

I need to think about how this can be positioned with respect to Solid.

Comments ?

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