Inrupt Pod Server

I'm not able to attend this week's call but would like to add my thoughts
for the discussion of the Inrupt pod server.  I support the idea of
switching away from NSS on at the same time as
and making it clear that unless someone picks it up, NSS is no longer

In advance of major server changes, it would be really helpful if someone
with knowledge of the server development could inform app and library
developers about the expected time-frame of the changes and exact
switch-over time once known. It would also help immensely if there could be
documentation where we can read about the expected changes before they
occur.  These docs should be oriented to app and library developers, not
just server implementers and maintainers.  For example, I am thrilled by
the pluggable backends (great work!), but in terms of getting my libraries
and apps functioning, I care much more about how the REST API and login and
authorization flow will behave and how file-naming will work.  Those were
the things that changed between NSS 4.x and 5.x and caused apps to break at
multiple points.  Some advance warning would go a long way to easing the
transition.  I am specifically concerned about the issues filed on NSS 5.x
regarding regressions in GET, PUT, and POST with respect to file extensions
and content-types.  I'm unsure which of the changes suggested in those
issues will be implemented in IPS and I can't really begin to plan without
knowing that. Frankly, it's been a discouraging few months since NSS 5 was
introduced and I hope for a smoother transition to IPS.

Jeff Zucker

Received on Thursday, 19 September 2019 08:20:10 UTC