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On 11/7/18 10:13 AM, Matt Wallis wrote:
> On 04/11/2018 04:59, wrote:
>> Matt will you produce a consolidated list of this feedback as a
>> resource for reuse?
> Hi Simon, agreed, it would be useful. But right now, I am horribly
> busy :-(
> So for the time being, the list is "available" as a link to this
> thread:
> A
> benefit of this is that it will grow with any additions made on this
> forum.
> If I find time to do a proper job of consolidating the list, I'll post
> a link to this thread.
> Matt.

Hi Matt,

Here's a suggestion, based on the increased availability of tools for
operating on Linked Data such that the following kick in regarding LOD
Cloud enrichment:

[1] Surreptitious Data Creation -- you simply use the File Create, Save,
and Share pattern to create and share notes that are Linked Data
propagators and cloud contributors

[2] Serendipitous Discovery -- documents from #1 are sniffed out by
RDF-aware user agents and users

Here are a few steps that will get you to this important point:

[1] Register with a Solid Pod Provider (e.g.,,
https://solidspace.test,, or make your own)

[2] Get the extension

[3] Use the "Save As" feature of to save documents to your pod
and make notes accordingly

You can also write the RDF-Turtle by hand directly into a doc in your Pod.


[1] -- power

[2] -- Discussion Forum

-- friendly Solid introduction

[4] -- Screencast (music background)
demonstrating "Save As" feature of based on my suggested use
(i.e., some dog-fooding)


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