Re: Looking for a volunteer, to chair of the solid community group

On Sat, 3 Nov 2018 at 18:59, Ruben Verborgh (UGent-imec) <> wrote:

> Unsure what the status of this thread is, but I can formally take a role
> of chair to make things easier.
> My hope and assumption is that the community will steer itself mostly,
> and that chairing is more a ceremonial role that only kicks in when
> serious issues arrive.
> Alternatively/additionally, Mitzi from Inrupt (in CC) should be considered.

Hey Ruben

Unsure of the status, but having worked with you on the solid team, I'd +1
you to be an excellent choice.

If I'm correct there's 3 volunteers so far, Dalton, Phil and Ruben.
(Dmitri withdrew himself)

Regarding the work load, there is nothing official in a community group,
and entirely up to the individual.  Chairs can also stand down if they feel
the commitment is not a good fit.

I've been in groups with 3 chairs before, for example, the social web xg,
and it worked pretty well.  We dont normally volunteer on behalf of others.

So, what I suggest is the following :

To fill our immediate need with the w3c, the 3 volunteers promote
themselves to chair status.

Then, should, there be further discussion on this topic, we could come up
with a more formal system, at a later date.

> Ruben

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