Re: Clarify objections to JSON [was Re: Getting the group back on track]

Hi James,

Yes, I meant the vocab. For object types, diaspora* currently supports, 
from the AS2 vocab, Image, Question, Place, Mention, Profile. Events 
support will come at some point. For actual status messages, I'm 
hesitant to say which object would be used. Note, Article and Content 
seem very similar - and in diaspora* everything is just a status 
message, whether short one liner or a 30K char markdown formatted blog 
post. I guess Note might still be the right one. Likely incoming parsing 
would squash all three as the same. I guess a comment would just be 
Content|Note|Article with an "inReplyTo" attribute.

Sorry if I sounded too critical. My email was meant to come as "let's go 
with this and move forward", not "let's spend time trimming AS2 down". 
As Christopher replied already - nothing forces implementers to support 
all of the vocab :) The AS2 spec is a good piece of work and there seems 
to be clear signs of support for adopting it.


On 22.10.2015 22:54, James M Snell wrote:
> Hello Jason,
> Would you be able to provide some specific insight into which pieces
> of the vocabulary aren't useful for diaspora? I assume that the
> vocabulary is what you're primarily speaking about in terms of
> "trimming down".
> - James
> On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 12:41 PM, Jason Robinson <> wrote:
> [snip]
>> AS2 is very ... large, but imho that is not all bad. It could be trimmed
>> down, but then again it should have the necessary structures to compose
>> messages with. The bad thing is the larger it is, the less implementers will
>> be able to implement all of it. I can say for example for the needs of the
>> current features in diaspora*, only a small subset can be used - the rest of
>> it would just have to be ignored or parsed in to more basic structures (like
>> I think Note would be the basic "status message", which could be a catch-all
>> when something isn't supported).
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Jason Robinson

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