Re: extension model of RSS/Atom (ISSUE-16 discussion)

Hi Erik,

On 04/07/2015 10:06 PM, Erik Wilde wrote:


> Atom is doing things differently because XML provides a better way of
> separating vocabularies with namespaces. that's an important benefit
> that neither JSON nor JSON-LD have. that also makes it easier to
> separate possible future spec changes from openness/extensions. again
> that's something that we don't get out of the box.

Could you please explain how do you see JSON-LD not having capacity to
separate vocabularies with namespaces?

In my online profile ATM I use vocabularies from 8 different namespaces
and will add more in next updates, including "as":

$ curl  -H "Accept:

  "@context": {
    "@vocab": "",
    "cco": "",
    "foaf": "",
    "doap": "",
    "opo": "",
    "sec": "",
    "ldp": "",
    "hydra": "",
    "id": "@id",
    "type": "@type",
    "attendeeIn": { "@reverse": "attendee" },
    "authorOf": { "@reverse": "author" },
    "currentLocation": "opo:currentLocation"

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