Re: ACTION-3 comparing as:Activity || schema:Action

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On 09/13/2014 10:57 PM, ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ wrote:
> Now I want to capture few points from recent conversation over mailing
> lists + cc but in RERO[1] spirit I send in this part :)
I managed to start on that

Looking at second quote. I find this feedback from Markus(Hydra)
possibly *fundamental* to avoid confusion:


  Hydra follows a slightly different approach in that it
  describes the actions/operations supported by a *web resource*
  and not by an *abstract thing*.


To my (eP back!) understanding, currently mixes both and IMO
in possibly confusing way:

* UpdateAction
  * AddAction
    * InsertAction
    * AppendAction
    * PrependAction
 * DeleteAction
 * ReplaceAction

which seem like actions/operations supported by *web resource*, while

* CreateAction <--!
  * CookAction
  * DrawAction
  * FilmAction
  * PaintAction
  * PhotographAction
  * WriteAction

* ConsumeAction
  * DrinkAction
  * EatAction
  * InstallAction
  * ListenAction
  * ReadAction <--!!
  * UseAction
    * WearAction
  * ViewAction
  * WatchAction

look actions/operations like supported by *abstract thing* :)

I must admit not taking time yet to study LDP, but I guess it may focus
exclusively on actions/operations on *web resources*?

Maybe use of both, *Operation* and *Action*, could draw more intuitive

Thanks for taking your time to read this long-ish update!

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