Re: ACTION-3 comparing as:Activity || schema:Action

On 09/15/2014 06:45 PM, Sam Goto wrote:
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>     On 09/13/2014 10:57 PM, ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ wrote:
>     > Now I want to capture few points from recent conversation over mailing
>     > lists + cc but in RERO[1] spirit I send in this part :)
>     I managed to start on that
>     Looking at second quote. I find this feedback from Markus(Hydra)
>     possibly *fundamental* to avoid confusion:
>     <blockquote>
>       Hydra follows a slightly different approach in that it
>       describes the actions/operations supported by a *web resource*
>       and not by an *abstract thing*.
> Right, that might be a fundamental difference. We were explicitly trying
> to capture affordances on mobile platforms too, like android intents for
> example.

Looking at JSON-LD example from

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Restaurant",
  "name": "Tartine Bakery",
  "potentialAction": {
    "@type": "ViewAction",
    "target": [
        "@type": "EntryPoint",
        "urlTemplate": "",
        "contentType": "application/json+ld"

I have impression that I don't perform ViewAction on the Restaurant
(abstract thing) itself but on a WebPage (web resource) *about* this
It may make even more sense when we use example of
schema:TouristAttraction where seeing certain monument obviously !=
viewing page about this monument on wikipedia or in some online tourist

It may seem less important when simply expressing affordances (potential
actions) thanks to context of present moment, but if we want to log our
activities(completed actions) then we may have even more ambiguity here
once we try to reconstruct the history :(

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