Next F2F

We talked today about the possibility of having the next F2F at MIT.   
I've reserved a meeting room for Feb 2-5 and Mar 2-5 to give us some 
options.  This is a 20+ person meeting room, with nice natural light 
(except March 4, where it's a room without much natural light).    There 
will be a projector, speaker phone, and good open WiFi.

This would be held in the landmark Stata Center [1].   For nearby hotels 
see or any booking 
service.  The Marriott and the Kendall are an easy walk.  Historically, 
the February weather is usually in the 20s and 30s Fahrenheit [2], with 
record lows down to about -10, so if we do this, be sure to bring warm 
clothes for getting between your hotel and MIT.

I expect I can provide snacks and lunch sponsored by the Qatar Computing 
Research Institute (QCRI), which is helping support my work these days.

I'm happy to provide a room for an IndieWebCamp on the preceding days, 
eg Sun/Mon, if folks want.

        -- Sandro


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