TPAC: and Social WG ( legal / technical )


I asked Sam Goto, who leads development, if he would
like to join this Wednesday TPAC session[1]. He replied:

"I don't know yet ... if most people are interested in things like
licensing and legalises of, Guha is going and can represent
that a lot better than I.

If, however, there are folks that are interested in discussing the
technical/concrete merits of one approach over the other, than I think
it is a forum that I can contribute to constructively.

The last time I presented to this group there wasn't anything that I
could really respond to, so I'm unsure if I'll attend."

Since schema:Action and as:Activity have huge overlap [2], as well as
as:PotentialActionHandler and schema:EntryPoint. I think it would make a
lot of sense to take opportunity of meeting face to face to see
possibilities of coordinating our efforts.

James, currently I don't see you among people interested in
participating in this session. Would you consider discussing technical
aspects of ActivityStreams 2.0 and with Sam?

Tantek, maybe you could also bring experience with <indie-action>[3] to
the table?

I also added to session description links to

This topic I see on the border of techinical / political? discussion.
IMO having ActivityStreams, and Microformats all defining
very similar concepts doesn't make live easier for people who implement
publishing and consuming of social data :(

Could we try to clarify interests for that meeting among Social WG
participants in next 2 days and then also have conversation over

I see combining legal / technical / hybrid topics somehow challenging ...



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