Activity Streams 2.0

I'm unable to attend the meeting today because of travel issues, but I'd 
like to voice my support for advancing AS 2.0 as a FPWD.

I've used AS 1.0 in production for both StatusNet and I've also 
been involved with OpenSocial, which supports AS 1.0 as part of its 
client-facing API.

I believe that Activity Streams has proven itself flexible enough to 
cover most use cases for social data, but cohesive enough to be 
understood relatively easily by new developers.

AS 2.0 improves the multi-lingual support of Activity Streams; it makes 
AS more compatible with JSON-LD; it incorporates in the main spec some 
of the extensions that were widely implemented; and it removes some core 
features that were relatively unused.

I appreciate that AS 2.0 has an upgrade path for AS 1.0 processors, as 
well as giving clear directions for differentiating the two data formats 
using Internet media type.

We've spent several weeks reviewing different JSON-based social data 
syntaxes and I don't think we've found anything nearly as complete or in 
wide use as Activity Streams. I don't think that an effort of the WG to 
develop a new syntax from scratch would look very different from what AS 
2.0 is right now.

I think AS 2.0 will make a great first product from this WG.


Received on Tuesday, 14 October 2014 16:57:44 UTC