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On 11/27/2014 01:38 PM, Jessica Tallon wrote:
> Hey,
Hi Jessica,

> I've been working on the GNU MediaGoblin federation support which is
> designed to work with that uses Activity Streams 1. We're using
> a relational database and currently changing our current scheme
> (pre-federation) to a schema which will work with federated data. I've
> written up proposed schema we're going to be using in a document that
> largely consists of Python using SQLAlchemy models.
Thanks for sharing it with the list! I hope we will see here more emails
like that soon :)

> There are some legacy decisions such as retaining our internal integer
> primary keys in addition to "public" id's which are the federated ID's.
> The decision to keep these is partly due to the complexity of a
> migration from our current models and efficiency in PostgreSQL and/or
> SQLite (the two databases we currently support).
* What do you plan to use as public IDs? HTTP URIs,
acct:local@domain.tld style URIs ?
* Will you internal IDs stay fully internal or you also plan to include
them in JSON / HTML which you publish?
* Do you already have some code which generates JSON / HTML from such data?

I noticed id, public_id, slug, username, url which on first sight seems
to me like a lot of different types of identifiers...

> Feedback on these models and possible things I've missed would be
> greatly appreciated.
I'll take closer look at it in following days!

Ciao o/

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