GNU MediaGoblin


I've been working on the GNU MediaGoblin federation support which is 
designed to work with that uses Activity Streams 1. We're using 
a relational database and currently changing our current scheme 
(pre-federation) to a schema which will work with federated data. I've 
written up proposed schema we're going to be using in a document that 
largely consists of Python using SQLAlchemy models.

There are some legacy decisions such as retaining our internal integer 
primary keys in addition to "public" id's which are the federated ID's. 
The decision to keep these is partly due to the complexity of a 
migration from our current models and efficiency in PostgreSQL and/or 
SQLite (the two databases we currently support).

Feedback on these models and possible things I've missed would be 
greatly appreciated.

Jessica Tallon.

Received on Thursday, 27 November 2014 12:39:20 UTC