Re: Activity Streams Extended Vocabulary

On 11/17/2014 09:10 PM, James M Snell wrote:
> Per the recent discussions around the definition of a common, minimal
> set of social vocabulary verb and object types, I've started going
> through and sketching out an extended AS2 vocabulary that incorporates
> the verbs and object types that tend to be most common across social
> systems. I've documented things on the wiki here:
> It's a work in progress. There are a broad range of use cases
> documented with examples. The vocabulary is designed to give
> implementers a minimal level of interoperability without going
> overboard on vocabulary definition and without forcing implementers to
> rely on external vocabularies. Every class is justified with a use
> case documented on that wiki page. Use of external vocabularies such
> as vcard, ical or would still easily be possible.

Currently it only shows single example for 'external' type of resource
linked with as:object. I see need for much more in depth section on
using 'external vocabularies', including types of:

* activity itself: schema:LikeAction etc.
* actor: foaf:Person, schema:Person,
* result: gr:Offering, schema:Comment, schema:Photograph

I think we could also try to take a look at microformats2 versions of
those examples

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