Re: ActivityStreams Schema: Hierarchy of Types

On 11/12/2014 11:50 PM, Owen Shepherd wrote:
> Whether we define our own types as aliases of others - e.g. "as:Person
> owl:sameType vcard:Individual" - or just refer to others is kind of
> immaterial, though I'm in favor of the aliasing because that
> implementers don't have to think "People come from VCard, Events come
> from iCalendar, businesses come from Org..."
I see limitations with depending to much on inference, for example
unhosted[1] apps which run fully in a browser as for today don't have
any reasoners available (javascrip) :(

I plan to experiment with including asserted triples in data I publish
even if a reasoner could infer them. This could help less sophisticated
clients. Following your example, I could do:

"@type": ["Person", "vcard:Individual"]

or as I already use in my web profile [2]

"@type": ["Person", "foaf:Person"]

which in my case maps Person to (via "@vocab":
"" in the context, but could map to as:Person or whatever.

Here again I most likely will struggle more with predicates, since you
can't do in JSON-LD

"actor schema:agent": ""

AFAIK only RDFa has elegant way to easily use multiple predicates with
same object and subject pair as above

[2] curl -H "Accept: application/ld+json"

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