Re: ActivityStreams Schema: Hierarchy of Types

Markus Lanthaler writes:

> On Wednesday, November 05, 2014 9:38 AM, Owen Shepherd wrote:
>> I’m in favour of us defining our own types for the core elements because
>> • Requiring people to remember that its’ foam:Person and
>> org:Organization and … will quickly get confusing. The core types we
>> need should be part of the specification, whether that be the AS2
>> specification or some “AS2 Base Schema”
>> Put simply, non JSON-LD processors shouldn’t need to know about card
>> or foaf or unless they specifically wish to do so (i.e.
>> they wish to take advantage of some features from there)
> Just to make this clear: If we define the JSON-LD context properly and
> decide on *a* vocabulary (instead of just recommending some) people
> neither need to remember a prefix nor need non-JSON-LD processors care
> about this.
> Let's first model the abstract concepts we need and then see whether
> there's enough overlap with an existing vocabulary to justify its use.

I think this is the best route.  A json-ld context can contain multiple
vocabulary sources, so there's no need to reinvent terms except where

I think James is on the right tack with working on:

Maybe once an appropriate list is gathered here, one or more example
contexts can be put forward making available all terms, and we can then

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