Re: Strategy for better collaboration within the group and with other groups

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> Hello,
> I would like to share my concern about current state of our
> collaboration, more precisely I can of course only talk about my
> impression of it. I would also like to propose dedicating this issue a
> small share of our time, preferably during next teleconf, IMO the sooner
> we address it the less chance we leave for upsetting tensions later down
> the road.

Elf, please keep in mind that this WG has been active for just over 2
months. We have a lot on our plate. I would suggest that being a bit
more patient would be worthwhile...

> * AS basic schema / / microformats / other vocabs - at this
> moment microformats stay listed in various places on our wiki but almost
> not present in our recent discussions. I remember Tantek mentioning
> something about interop between AS and microformats when giving +1 to
> AS2.0 going FPWD

Yep, and Tantek and I have moved forward on mapping those out [1].
We're not done, of course, so again, a bit of patience would be


> Second, I have impression of our current work very Activity Streams
> centric. While I find activities a very important *part* of social
> networking, I also recognize much border spectrum to it. If we look at
> Use Cases currently listed on Social IG wiki, we will find ones
> including: skills, affiliations, products+services etc. While of course
> we can't cover *all of those* requirements within time of this charter,
> we can at least ensure a clear way for future extensibility.

I say again: it's been two months. Patience is a good thing.

> Third and for now last issue. Various other W3C groups work on IMO
> relevant technologies. Our wiki lists quite few of them:
> For example people
> participating in Hydra CG develop next generation REST APIs which could
> cover some of required functionality. Another example Credentials CG
> attracted people working on Mozilla Open Badges which I consider
> extremely useful for Use Cases including skills, affiliations etc. I
> guess clarifying collaboration with Web Schemas group may also take us
> some time. I would like us to try come up with a better strategy on how
> we can leverage all that work which people currently do in other groups.

I'd suggest that perhaps the WG is best served, at the moment,
focusing on getting a better handle on our own deliverables without
worrying so much about what other groups are doing, at least for the
time being. It's perfectly fine if our earlier efforts overlap
somewhat with what other groups are doing. That's part of the process.
Once we're a bit more settled on what we're sure we need and pretty
settled on how we think we need to address those needs, then taking a
bit more time to reconcile that with what the other groups are doing
would be beneficial.

- James

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