Re: Verbs

On 11/03/2014 06:03 PM, Erik Wilde wrote:
> i was wondering: in our hallway conversations at the TPAC, we assumed
> that AS1 and AS2 would have different media types anyway, which would
> make sense if the underlying metamodel (and thus the processing model)
> is completely different. in that case, we really do not need to spend
> any effort on superficial syntax alignment, and instead should place the
> AS1/AS2 mapping in the processing model section, so that it is clear how
> AS1 and AS2 documents relate on the (careful, dirty word ahead!)
> "infoset level".
I suggested creating additional @context for processing AS1

Since AS1 documents don't have any @context anyways we need to add it
ourselves when processing them. It shouldn't make difference in such
case if we use not one but two contexts. One for AS1 could overwrite
parts of the one for AS2 whenever needed.

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