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Minutes for SOAP/JMS call don't appear to have generated properly

From: Eric Johnson <eric@tibco.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 16:15:28 +0200
Message-ID: <4E4A7B80.50508@tibco.com>
To: SOAP-JMS <public-soap-jms@w3.org>
... or they're taking a really long time. To make sure the record isn't 
lost, I've pasted the raw minutes here:

alewis: trackbot, start telcon
[4:01pm]  trackbot is preparing a teleconference
[4:01pm] RRSAgent joined the chat room.
[4:01pm] RRSAgent: logging to http://www.w3.org/2011/08/16-soap-jms-irc
[4:01pm] trackbot: RRSAgent, make logs public
[4:01pm] RRSAgent: I have made the request, trackbot
[4:01pm] Zakim joined the chat room.
[4:01pm] trackbot: Zakim, this will be SJMS
[4:01pm] Zakim: ok, trackbot; I see WS_SOAP-JM()10:00AM scheduled to 
start now
[4:01pm] trackbot: Meeting: SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group Teleconference
[4:01pm] trackbot: Date: 16 August 2011
[4:02pm]  alewis zakim, who's here?
[4:02pm]  Zakim WS_SOAP-JM()10:00AM has not yet started, alewis
[4:02pm]  Zakim sees on irc: RRSAgent, eric, Derek, alewis, trackbot, Yves
[4:02pm]  alewis zakim, this is sjms
[4:02pm]  Zakim ok, alewis; that matches WS_SOAP-JM()10:00AM
[4:02pm]  alewis grumbles at the stupidity of bots.
[4:02pm]  alewis zakim, who's here?
[4:02pm]  Zakim sees on the phone: +1.708.246.aaaa, alewis, ??P32
[4:02pm]  Zakim sees on irc: RRSAgent, eric, Derek, alewis, trackbot, Yves
[4:03pm] eric: Zakim, ??P32 is eric
[4:03pm] Zakim: +eric; got it
[4:03pm]  alewis zakim, aaaa is Derek
[4:03pm]  Zakim +Derek; got it
[4:06pm]  alewis let's give it until 10 past?
[4:07pm] alewis: scribe: alewis
[4:07pm] alewis: no objections to minutes.
[4:07pm] alewis: (lacking quorum, not approved, but no objections from 
[4:08pm] alewis: administrative issues: everyone able to make new time 
(except many people didn't, this time around; so it goes)
[4:08pm] alewis: eric completed action item 251
[4:09pm] alewis: progress has been made on 250, but it is not complete yet.
[4:09pm] alewis: derek completed action item 222
[4:10pm] alewis: about moving to pr: need to write new status document 
section and fix things that publist checker reports.
[4:10pm] alewis: call for questions/comments.
[4:11pm] alewis: derek: expect big changes?
[4:11pm] alewis: eric: no, should be mostly link checking, verification, 
minor stuff.
[4:11pm] alewis: no further business.
[4:11pm] alewis: quorum not established.
[4:11pm] alewis: same bat time, same bat channel, tune in next week.
[4:11pm] alewis: trackbot, end telcon
[4:11pm]  trackbot is ending a teleconference
[4:11pm] trackbot: Zakim, list attendees
[4:11pm] Zakim: As of this point the attendees have been 
+1.708.246.aaaa, alewis, eric, Derek
[4:11pm] trackbot: RRSAgent, please draft minutes
[4:11pm] RRSAgent: I have made the request to generate 
http://www.w3.org/2011/08/16-soap-jms-minutes.html trackbot
[4:11pm] trackbot: RRSAgent, bye
[4:11pm] RRSAgent: I see no action items
[4:11pm] RRSAgent left the chat room.
[4:12pm] Zakim: -eric
[4:12pm] alewis left the chat room. (Quit: alewis)
[4:12pm] Zakim: -Derek
[4:12pm] Zakim: -alewis
[4:12pm] Zakim: WS_SOAP-JM()10:00AM has ended
[4:12pm] Zakim: Attendees were +1.708.246.aaaa, alewis, eric, Derek
[4:12pm] Derek left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
[4:12pm] eric: rrsagent, make logs public
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