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Hi Nathan:

Let me turn this around a bit - can you please explain (this is for 
Jacques/Mark too) exactly what you think should be covered in the spec? 
  Mark's original message said "clear direction on what to do when using 
WS-Addressing header with SOAP/JMS"... We'll certainly cover that to 
some extent between the primer and the test suite (which will absolutely 
cover a variety of cases), but I'm not clear on just what you think 
should be included.  Keep in mind that Addressing says "here's how you 
use these headers/properties to bind to various SOAP MEPs", and our 
binding (just like the HTTP binding) says "here's a binding that offers 

Tell us what the problem is and we'll try to get it solved, or point you 
in the right direction at least.


Nathan Sowatskey wrote:
> Hi all
> The question of how WS-Addressing relates to the SOAP/JMS binding is also
> important to us, both at Cisco NMTG for our use of WSDM, and at the TMF TIP
> for reasons related to mapping MTOSI headers to WS-Addressing.
> I can understand the WG's desire to avoid having to specify this in the
> SOAP/JMS the binding, but I hope that this does not cause ambiguity as a
> consequence. I don't believe that a FAQ entry is sufficient, though that
> could be a useful first step.
> I expect that a this would require a normative addendum, which perhaps we
> could start planning for now?
> Many thanks
> Nathan
> On 06/08/2008 16:13, "TALBOT Jacques (TJA)" <>
> wrote:
>> +1
>> Great, the cavalry to the rescue, two of us are now asking !
>> The FAQ "disclaimer" does not sound as a very exciting solution.
>> This is like the classical bureaucracy story: you ask Bureau 23, they tell
>> you, it is not us, ask bureau 54 and so on and so forth :-)
>> Jacques
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>> Objet : WS-Addressing
>> I've tried to follow the WS-Addressing discussion, so I'm sorry if I'm
>> rehashing old ground ...
>> Did anyone consider leaving some properties abstract in this document and
>> creating other documents with concrete mappings to JMS headers &
>> WS-Addressing?  Is there going to be a addendum or note that speaks to
>> WS-Addressing? 
>> I'd like to see clear direction on what to do when using WS-Addressing header
>> with SOAP/JMS.  There's ambiguity and overlap to be addressed.  WS-Addressing
>> also includes some metadata not available via JMS, e.g., FaultTo.
>> Perhaps I'm misguided, but I thought the beauty of SOAP was that the same
>> message could be sent over HTTP or JMS without modification.  That concept is
>> broken if one is forced to use protocol specific metadata.  I would like to
>> see a SOAP/JMS or SOAP/HTTP where properties of protocols are configured via
>> the WSDL,  web services infrastructure "binds" to protocols at the transport
>> layer, and the creation and processing of message content is 100% based on the
>> XML SOAP payload.  This allows web service implementations to minimize the
>> amount of protocol specific code.
>> Cheers,
>> Mark Maxey

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