I've tried to follow the WS-Addressing discussion, so I'm sorry if I'm 
rehashing old ground ...

Did anyone consider leaving some properties abstract in this document and 
creating other documents with concrete mappings to JMS headers & 
WS-Addressing?  Is there going to be a addendum or note that speaks to 

I'd like to see clear direction on what to do when using WS-Addressing 
header with SOAP/JMS.  There's ambiguity and overlap to be addressed. 
WS-Addressing also includes some metadata not available via JMS, e.g., 

Perhaps I'm misguided, but I thought the beauty of SOAP was that the same 
message could be sent over HTTP or JMS without modification.  That concept 
is broken if one is forced to use protocol specific metadata.  I would 
like to see a SOAP/JMS or SOAP/HTTP where properties of protocols are 
configured via the WSDL,  web services infrastructure "binds" to protocols 
at the transport layer, and the creation and processing of message content 
is 100% based on the XML SOAP payload.  This allows web service 
implementations to minimize the amount of protocol specific code.

Mark Maxey

Received on Wednesday, 6 August 2008 13:47:48 UTC