Action Item: XML Format for Specifying Test Messages....

Here's my straw man for the test message format definition....
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<jmsmsg:Message env="http://xxx.xx.xx/soapjms/test/message
<http://xxx.xx.xx/soapjms/test/message> ">
<!-- content="notnull" attribute indicates that getJMSMessageID() cannot
return null --> 
<jmsmsg:JMSMessageID jmsmsg:content="notnull"/>
<!-- content="null" attribute indicates that getJMSReplyTo() must return
null --> 
<jmsmsg:JMSReplyTo jmsmsg:content="null"/>
<!-- content="null" attribute indicates that getJMSCorrelationID() must
return null --> 
<jmsmsg:JMSCorrelationID jmsmsg:content="null"/>
<!-- content="derived" attribute indicates that the following properties
must be present and are derived from the producerIRI per the SOAP/JMS
Spec  --> 
<jmsmsg:JMSDestination jmsmsg:content="derived"/>
<jmsmsg:SOAPJMS_targetService jmsmsg:content="derived">
<jmsmsg:SOAPJMS_requestIRI jmsmsg:content="derived">
<!-- optional="true" indicates for this test SOAPJMS_soapAction is
optional but if present should be "" -->
<jmsmsg:payload type="BytesMessage">
<env:Envelope xmlns:env="
<> "
<> ">
<m:notify xmlns:m="">Message</m:notify
<">Message</m:notify> > 


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Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 6:48 AM
Subject: [SOAP-JMS] Agenda 2008-08-05

Greetings, our next call will take place on Tuesday 2008-08-05 at
16:00UTC and last for 1 hour.

We will be using the Zakim bridge [1], the phone numbers and passcode
for the call can be found at:

Participants are invited to join IRC channel #soap-jms as documented on
the WG's administrative home page:

Oustanding Actions: 

ACTION: Eric to investigate and fix where necessary 
  [What do we really mean by "MUST fully support the JMS IRI [sic]
  [recorded in
<> ]
ACTION: bhakti to write up an answer to the question of WS-Addressing. 
  [recorded in
<> ]
ACTION: eric to come up with more example text for section or 
  [recorded in
<> ]
ACTION: Glen to write note to a mailing list summarizing the opinion of
the group, that WS-Addressing is out of scope, but we understand the
question, we will develop FAQ materials. 
  [recorded in
<> ]
for test casesACTION: peaston to work on the XML format  (not glen) 
  [recorded in
<> ] 

Minutes of last call :


Scribe: ? 

  Version 1.1 of the XML Schema Definition Language (XSD) has just been
published as a last-call working draft 
<> ]. 
  Mark to review, due before : 12 September 2008 
 ACTION: markphillips to review the relevant parts of the XML Schema
draft on behalf of SOAP/JMS WG 
    [recorded in
<> ]

Call logistics for 4 calls between 2008-08-12 and 2008-09-02 

comment received on FPWD re WS-Addressing: 

Initial test scenarios 

SOAP over Java(tm) Message Service 1.0 
 Editor Draft 
    [ <>
t-type=text/html;%20charset=utf-8>  ]

 First Public Working Draft published 
<>  ]

 Next draft: Last Call, milestone plan in Charter says Sept 2008


Regards, Roland


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