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NEW ISSUE: is WS-Addressing irrelevant to "SOAP over JMS"?

From: TALBOT Jacques (TJA) <Jacques.TALBOT@teamlog.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 16:59:21 +0200
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* Title - is WS-Addressing irrelevant to "SOAP over JMS"?

* Description - for somebody outside of the working group, it looks like SOAP over JMS is closely linked to WS-Addressing, since JMS Queus are usually used for asynchronous MEPs.
However, search the WG mailing list, and you do not find a single insantce of WS-Addressing. How come? possibly this has benn discussed on pthe WG private liste, but the spec says nothing about WS-Addressing being a non-goal.

* Justification - Usually, you want to use SOAP over JMS for Asynchronous Request Reply MEPs with some guaranteed quality of service. Because SOAP/http is not enough in some situations. Asynchronous is the key word, because usually, for synchronous MEPS, it is easier to recover from the failures at the application level. (It is not a coincidence that MQseries and the likes are both asynchronous and reliable)
Therefore, at the SOAP level, it becomes necessary to get a Reply-Port naming scheme and a Correlation-ID, which is what WS-Addressing porovides. JMS queues provide the same kind of artifacts (AFAIK). So the spec should define some mappings between the WS-Addressing and the JMS artifacts.

* Proposal - evolve the WG goal to : "SOAP + WS-Addressing over JMS"; as is, the specification is lagging versus the (slowly progressing) state of the art in Web Services (see wstf.org for example) and therefore of limited interest (IMHO).

 Kind regards to the W3C community for their good job

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